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Seaside Bridge


We conduct buy-side searches for business acquirers, including corporations, family offices, and private equity groups.

Warren Hawkins


Prior to Bridge Crest Partners, Warren Hawkins founded the M&A team at Wonolo, a tech-forward staffing platform that has executed several successful acquisitions.  Through this experience, he developed expertise in proprietary data sourcing, buy-side prospecting campaigns, seller education, and right-sized pre-LOI diligence. 

He holds a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Georgia and a M.Ed. from Harvard University, is an Eagle Scout, and is an active member of several community organizations in his hometown Nashville, TN.  Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family, playing tennis, and visiting U.S. National Parks. 

Why Bridge Crest?

For business owners, the sale of all or part of their business can be a life-changing liquidity event while also carrying significant emotional considerations. For acquirers, finding and closing the right acquisition can unlock strategic value and seismic growth.  We serve as a match-making conduit to ensure cultural and financial fit that drives long-term success for both sides of the transaction table.

Are you seeking a transaction in 2023?

We would be happy to speak with you for a no obligation consultation. We can initiate a new search within weeks, and we are only compensated upon the close of a transaction.

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